Monday, August 4, 2008


A few pointers on the Emancipation Day evening news.

The very first thing we noticed was Mark Bassant's (of C News) huge earring in his left ear while he was standing outside that bar.
Does your station not have a standard of dress for reporters who appear on the air?
You have not yet reached the stature of Ed Bradley, deceased CBS newsman and reporter for 60 Minutes. Later in his career he started sporting a very small earring in his left ear. But then again, he won 19 Emmys and a Lifetime Achievement award from the National Association of Black Journalists, so who was to argue with him for wanting to sport a little bling?
But you Mark need a good talking to. Your 'little bling' has morphed to napkin ring-sized proportions; very distracting and not professional-looking at all.

Anyway, both Samantha John of TV6 and Odeka Oneal-Seaton of CNC 3 had teleprompter issues, Samantha at 7pm and Odeka at 9.30pm.
Then Sampson Nanton of CNC, for his story on Emancipation Day celebrations, gave the spelling of the Ghanaian President's name as John Kafour, when it is Kufour.
Tsk tsk Sampson. That was a very silly mistake.

Then Samantha over at TV6 unfortunately had to correct some information in that story with the shooting at the bar in Maracas/St. Joseph at 7pm. Apparently incorrect information was given on Carol Dundonald's status.
But to top that off, the same incorrect information was again given when the story was played in the 10pm newscast and once again the information had to be corrected, at Samantha's expense.
So no one checked that script after the 7pm newscast to ensure the wrong information was not repeated?

And finally, at 9.50pm on Friday August 1st, CNC 3 ran an ad for Emancipation Day celebrations which were scheduled to begin at 7am on Friday August 1st, with a procession from the Brian Lara Promenade to the Savannah beginning at 9am.
So the marketing people did not tell the master control people not to run that ad after a certain time?