Wednesday, August 13, 2008


TV6 news producer, we have a question we hope you can answer.
Close to the top of your 7pm newscast on Wednesday, you ran a story on the young Trini woman (living in the US since she was 8) who is now charged in the death of her infant son.
Close behind that you ran the story of the three Trini medical students who have been evacuated from war-torn Georgia.
And here's where the confusion comes in. Way down close to the end of the newscast in the section where you showed international stories, you ran the story of the Trini-American woman who was killed this morning in Afghanistan following an ambush on aid workers.
In Keisha David's story, she said the young woman held dual American and Trini citizenship, and she has a permanent residence in Trincity, so how is her death an international news story?
Why wasn't that story used as high up in the newscast as the other two?

CNC 3, Trevor Paul was the Commissioner of Police for how many years? More than two? So why when you ran that two minute story of him taking the job at Essar Steel did your editor repeat those four shots of Mr Paul for the entire story?

And Sampson Nanton, why say the obvious?
In your story on the arrival of the new Grenada Prime Minister at the Piarco Airport, you said "He was invited to inspect the guard of honour. He did, before sitting down for talks...".
Your video editor gave us the shot of Mr Thomas inspecting the troops, so why did you have to say it?