Friday, August 1, 2008


Well here's an interesting comment from trini media on the issue of reasonable salaries for media people.

"I totally agree that media personnel should be paid well but first we need to examine who are these people with experience of over 10 years and more and what are their roles. There are a number of people working in the print media that are not as well known as those in the broadcast media but who have been working real hard at it for years and have contributed a great deal.
Here are some people who have crossed ten years in both print and broadcast.

"Francis Joseph
Gail Alexander
Richard Lord
Sean Nero
Sandra Chouthi
Anthony Wilson
Rosemarie Sant
Roger Sant
Sampson Nanton
Robert Alonzo
Curtis Rampersad
Nalinee Seelal
Jada Loutoo
Lara Pickford-Gordon
Azard Ali
Lincoln Holder
Karl Cupid
Sean Douglas
Rattan Jadoo
Mano Ragbir
Mike Gonzales
Richard Charan
Robert Cadallo
Ria Taitt
Samuel McKnight
Earl Manmohan
Louis Homer
Curtis Williams
Joanne Briggs
Ian Prescott
Kwame Laurence
Gary Cardinez
Wayne Bowman

"This is just a sample.
I am sure if you open a debate on who from these deserve high wages and who do not you will find that the names who are being called are usually the ones more popular while several cameramen and photographers are not even given second thought."