Saturday, August 23, 2008


This reader has graciously brought to our attention a case of himself congratulating himself in the regional media.

"The following editorial appeared in the Daily Nation (Barbados) on Friday August 22. The Nation is owned by One Caribbean Media.
As a follower of your blog, I wait to see how you will treat with this."

"Dobby Champagnie"

Well Dobby, as we said, it's a case of himself congratulating himself and trying to soften the blow of criticism.
Here are some of our favourite lines from the editorial:
"The Caribbean Media Corporation (CMC) is providing us with world-class coverage of the Beijing games. The American network NBC may be providing CMC the various broadcast feeds, but it was CMC's skilful blending of those ingredients that has provided us a gourmet's offering."
"The CMC broadcast package, in our view, is more balanced and far superior to NBC's offerings."
"CMC has in fact been simply outstanding."
"The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation sings in praise of the excellence emanating from CMC's understaffed and underequipped facility...".
"CMC presciently titled its coverage The Caribbean Dream. How extraordinary that the reality for us in Beijing is so dreamlike!"

Well, TV6 is paying for the rights to broadcast the Olympics via CMC and they have already given CMC's Michael Whyte a platform to defend CMC's coverage, along with their sister newspaper the Trinidad Express. So it stands to reason that a newspaper owned by OCM would do the same thing, albeit with more flowery language.
Like the Jamaicans say...big tings a 'gwaan...and not just in Usain Bolt's lane.