Sunday, August 24, 2008


Here's a comment on the post on the Barbados Nation's gushing editorial about CMC's coverage of the Olympic Games, from NN.

"Wait for it...wait for it...that was me reading that article. But when it finally finished, I was aghast. I won't dignify the prose by repeating it here but could they have found more excuses? OCM, if you really want kudos for the coverage, next time put a little more on that $500M you shelled out to the IOC to send your own cameras across to Beijing, and hire some serious commentators (c'mon there must be better in the region) to bring intelligent and balanced analysis of the Games to the Caribbean public. You do not get points for spending that much for the feed and still having to talk about sprinters while pole vaulters are on the screen.

"Is the writer also suggesting that our athletes' success was in some way related to the CMC coverage? My blood boils at that assumption. Our athletes deserve better, your audience deserves better.

"I suspect CMC will bring coverage of the Caribbean Games to 20-something countries in the region come 2009. Hows about using that competition as a dry run for London? And don't just give us one camera angle from the Hasely Crawford Stadium and some novice commentator. Show us that you're a serious media corporation that can deliver a professional, quality sport broadcast from a major event."