Wednesday, August 27, 2008


The comments continue to roll in on the CCN group's decision to send Andy Johnson to cover the US Democratic Convention.

"At least some of us in the media tend to get it right almost at all times, TV6's Dominic Kallipersad and other executive heads at the mighty CCN group may want to see what the BBC Caribbean focused on as its major story in the last 24 hours...see here

"Now, Dominic it may not have been your decision to send Andy to Denver to follow the Democratic Convention, and you may have even objected to it in favour of the Carifesta happening; I do not know for sure, but we hope at least Andy's discoveries and findings can be shared to our local politicians for consideration of fine tuning their own Convention structure.

"Nevertheless, the PNM may only give consideration to such when it is in opposition, they will be too huffed up and puffed up to even bother...meantime Andy you can enlighten us as to what is done better in the US Convention on your morning edition or better yet in a live interview during the TV6 newscast when Dominic is presenting, maybe the UNC will apply some of the tips.

"It is ok to copy only what is good. Do not Americanize, just copy what's good."