Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Here's a comment on the Express/TV6 decision to send columnist and Morning Edition host Andy Johnson to Denver, Colorado to cover the Democratic National Convention, where Barack Obama is the party's nominated candidate to contest the presidential election.

"One should find it funny that CCN TV6 should send Andy Johnson to the Democratic Convention in Denver and not send someone to cover Carifesta (in Guyana); all of which were happening at the same time.

"Oh well, I don't know if CNMG had all the rights to the Carifesta coverage as they brought it live, and I guess the US happening is bigger, better and more relevant to our Regional causes who knows.

"I am still waiting to hear Andy make some kind of correlation with the Democratic Convention in the US and our situation in Trinidad and Tobago. Is it an Obama (black thing) and would Andy be in Denver now if Hillary was the candidate?

"I doh know, just wondering aloud."