Wednesday, August 13, 2008


The Grenada PM arrived in Trinidad on Wednesday, and one reader who prefers to remain anonymous had some comments about the television coverage.

"Well CNMG did not treat us to live coverage of the arrival of Grenada's Newest Prime Minister Tillman Thomas, as they did for the Barbadian PM sometime back on his first official visit to this country. But they sure as hell made up for it in their Wednesday night newscast with a thorough and comprehensive coverage between their star Anchor woman Golda Lee and reporter Sherwin Long.

"Kudos CNMG for a job well done.

"Also when the Barbados PM visited TV6 led their newscast with the story, but they saved the Tillman Thomas story for their regional news...tut tut. They were the only station that did that. CNC3 and CNMG led their newscast with the Grenada PM's first official visit to this country. Kudos to both stations."