Thursday, August 14, 2008


The Trinidad Express has the story of the Trinidad woman who was killed in an ambush by the Taliban in Afghanistan on Wednesday (it's on page three, written by Richard Charan).

Here it is the story is used on page three of the Express, yet it was buried at the end of the 7pm news on Wednesday by their sister station TV6.
And Miss David, notice the Express report contains comments from one of Miss Dial's relatives in Trinidad. This is what a little digging would have got you, or perhaps some collaboration with your colleague.

The Newsday and the Guardian also carry the report prominently on page three, however neither report has a byline.
And while the Guardian credits the Associated Press with the story, it appears that they sent the earliest version of the story to print because the report says "But Afghan officials have not yet released the identities of these women until their families were contacted." However both the Express and the Newsday have the names of two of the other three victims.