Tuesday, August 26, 2008


And here's the Newsday's version of what happened to young Miss Subadar, who had been reported kidnapped.
She "....was found at about 7 pm Sunday on High Street, San Fernando.....was taken to the San Fernando Police Station by police officers. She confessed she was not abducted.
The girl said she went to a party with a friend, and was dropped off on High Street, San Fernando on Sunday night by her friend...,".
The newspaper also tells us "Officers of the Anti Kidnapping Squad told Newsday that no charges will be laid against the minor."

Steups! No charges, but a few slaps seem to be in order.
You know, we don't usually comment on these things, but it's high time somebody tries to get through to these young people that it's unacceptable to just disappear and expect that no one will worry and panic and call the police and have them waste their time.
They should charge her for wasting police time so she will know that when she come to visit next time, she will stay in de house until is time to go back foreign!

And maybe it's high time media houses rethink their policy (if they have any) on reporting 'kidnappings'.