Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Here's another comment on Usain Bolt.

"Well, it seems there's a new world order in sprinting and it's dominated by the Caribbean. Is that why we haven't seen the multiple replays, back stories and interviews from the mighty Americans on NBC? Tsk, tsk.

"Bolt is amazing, unbelievably gifted and confident but overtly so. His 9.69 was run with such ease. Multiple medallist Ato Boldon commented after the semi-final race that Bolt just ran his (Boldon's) personal best without breaking a sweat. He will obliterate the competition in the 200m, probably breaking Michael Johnson's record in the process, and anchor Jamaica to another gold medal to complete the triad.

"And what of our boy Richard Thompson...brilliant! He had no pressure, and he used that to his advantage to just relax and run his races. What is amazing is that in the final, even though Bolt literally walked past him after 40m, Richard kept his composure and focus to maintain his position and take the silver. A very intelligent athlete indeed! And to think he could have been playing football instead!

"I see TV6's GM in the Sunday Express giving a paltry excuse for the poor coverage of the Games, citing the $800M (US) that NBC has at its disposal. But how did OCM/TV6 spend ma'am? Too embarrassed to say? Why are you forking out millions for a video feed that your audience does not want?
Instead of complaining, try coming together with other media business in the region, including CMC, to do what might be the hard thing and actually send a comprehensive crew out to London in 2012 to give the viewers what they want. We could do without seeing the rest of the world.
What's important to us is our athletes, for god's sake!"


Doesn't Gyasi Gonzales normally write crime stories? So he has been roped into writing PR pieces now?
Anyway, excuses excuses. There's a way to do things. How hard could it have been for CMC or TV6 to send a cameraman and reporter to Beijing and do exactly what Roger Sant (from a lowly cable station) is doing in sending stories outside of the actual events?
OK, they may argue that Roger has sponsorship (albeit mainly from Ansa McAl companies), but OCM is not poor, neither is CMC.

Mr Farrell, if we can suggest that you use your math wizadry and begin to budget from now so your company can have at least two camera crews in London in 2012 dedicated to sending creative stories back to TV6.

Do you accept the excuses from these regional media giants?

BTW Mr Gonzales, twice you referred to TV6's General Manager as Mrs Shida "Bholai", but according to your parent company OCM's website, it's actually "Bolai".
Your sub-editor did not pick that up?