Saturday, August 16, 2008


This comment was sent in before the finals of the men's 100M was completed.

"Are you all looking at the (women's) 100M? Watch, you see these Caribbean Commentators, they juss fretting up my .... in here. The reason they were given the right to broadcast is to focus on the Caribbean athlete, not in the vain way the Americans do it, but at least tell us the timing our Regional Athletes run no matter what their placements are.

"In one of the heats won by a Russian, the Barbadian came second and the Jamaican third, you know those fellas only talk about the Russian, and how much her win was a mention of the Caribbean athletes, their names and what they ran...and it is not the only heat they did this rubbish in...oh Gawd!

"Ah wonder if deh block de broadcast on Satellite too, because did is one time I could do wit ah dish in meh yard eh.

"France man!...Stupes!!!"