Thursday, August 14, 2008


Hmmm. Sherwin Long of CNMG needs to have a word with his producer and director after this little faux pas.

"CNMG went live to the Prime Minister's official residence and conference centre for the media conference on the mini summit of the OECS Heads --- along with the Prime Minister himself on Thursday evening... and they went live to Sherwin Long for the opening and the closing.

"It was well calculated that they would go to Sherwin just for the intro and of course for the official closing...but Sherwin you were sloppy on both occasions.

"Firstly you need to shave. Secondly you must have had an idea of what the heads were going to discuss and a little history of the issues to be able to fill your audience in on the topics. And finally at the end you should have given a capsule report on what was discussed.
Instead at the end, you started reporting not realising you were being seen and then you stopped and snapped at your cameraman and started over what was a very sloppy conclusion with an unofficial conclusion as if you just wanted to go home.



Well Sherwin, you really should have given your audience some background to the talks, as well as a recap of what the PM and others said in your closing. That's why collaboration with your producer is so important if you are going live. Unless of course this assignment was sprung on you at the last minute and you didn't have time to prepare. However a basic understanding of what the talks were about would have made you look like you were in the know for your audience.
And the director should have given either your producer (if one was there with you) or the cameraman a cue for you to begin your closing report, instead of allowing you to make that false start on camera.