Monday, August 4, 2008


This reader is not too pleased with some aspects of the news coverage on Emancipation Day.

"TV6 and C News what was the significance of carrying the triple murder story in your newscast on Friday night over the Emancipation Day Celebrations on Emancipation Day?

"C News carried the Emancipation story as a second item, while TV6 carried it as either a third or fourth item, I can't remember because I thought I saw so many stories go by before a mention of the BIG event of the day (August 1st) much so I lost track...What's up with that Dominic that a joke? Well for the record it looked bad just operating like that. Whatever the reasons for so doing, it felt horrible waiting in the audience to hear and see about the BIG EVENT of that day.

"Even if there was an editing problem, ever heard about pulling a crucial SOT for a story, to get the goodies rolling? Eh TV6.

"Oh gosh man, enough now."