Monday, August 4, 2008


More names for the '10 years and over' section of the media, from trini media.

"Here's my own take on the whole salaries issue, but first let me mention a few other names that just came to mind;

"Gyasi Gonzales
Prior Beharry
Ken Chee Hing
Ralph Banwarie
Steve McPhie
Theron Boodan
Lester Forde
Andre Alexander
Erica Ramjass
Dale Enoch
Verne Burnett
Robert Taylor
Brian Ng Fatt
Andrea De Silva
Shirley Bahadoor
Tyrone Chang
Krishna Maharaj
Trevor Hackett
Tony Howell

"I'm sure there will be more added from time to time. But taking a quick look at these names we realise that some of the people we think have been in this business for at least a decade, just have not made the cut, and that includes some of our highest paid stars on television not to mention our overnight anchors and presenters. So who are the real contributors?

"I totally agree that the "faces and voices" of our news stations deserve to be paid well but there must be some merit, pun intended, to a call for higher salaries for those who have been serving for years, if only for the fact that they've matured into proper journalists who have covered several governments, dozens of political scandals, business collapses, high profile court matters, various weather-related calamities and not to mention, crime too much to tell.
In other words, these are the veterans and upcoming veterans in the media, the ones who many years ago could have told a snobbish minister (like Narace), the following words: "One day I'll still be here and you would not be there". Sasha, now's your time to say it. Maybe one day, if you're good enough to handle the pressure, you'll get that delightful reward in seeing the minister fade into oblivion while you become a shining star.

"Remember Panday's "as long as you are there, I will be here"? They covered that. And they're still there. In other words, they make up the thread of experience that runs through the entire media, that keeps it as a unit and help guide the newer ones, many of whom are only intent on making money and becoming overnight stars.

"I agree that not all these people who have crossed the 10-year mark have grown as journalists as they should but still everyone knows that in this profession, experience, contacts, more experience, and more experience, and more experience and more contacts and public trust and public confidence far surpass that piece of paper called a degree. This is the profession in which you succeed because you know somebody with real pure information that knows you and trusts you and have had creditable experiences with you that's willing to give you the information.

"But are we willing to pay to hold on to these people. Apparently, sadly "no". Media managers created their own problem by causing the great ones to leave us and replacing them with the money-hungry rookies who just move on after a while and the cycle goes on and on and on.
We need not cast our minds too far back to remember the good ones who left. Where's Kay Baldeosingh, Kathy-Ann Waterman, Kathleen Maharaj, Irene Medina, Wendy Campbell, Joel and David Nanton (Sampson's older brothers), David Maynard, Denise Moore, Rookmin Maharaj, Gary Moreno, Judith Coward, Elizabeth Solomon? All moved on to better-paying jobs not because they were money-hungry but because their value was not being recognised. I salute their contributions. The media has been made worse off by the loss of these and many like themselves.

"The group of 10-years and more has been bridging that gap and they deserve to be paid well and I'd like to salute them too for their stance for this long. Yes you make mistakes from time to time, but your contribution as a collective, is invaluable.

"Finally, I'd like to recommend to the media association, that you take three days and hold a media exhibit. Call the veterans like Therese Mills, John Babb, Barbara Assoon, Lennox Grant, Jones P Madeira, Keith Smith and Tony Fraser and ask them to contribute something.

"I'm sure John Babb can lend you his shorthand notes from the Dole Chadee trial, Tony Fraser, his notes from the conversation with Arthur NR Robinson while captive during the coup, let Deborah John give you George's notes from something many years ago, Therese Mills must have a recording from her radio days or notes from Independence Day 1962 or beyond, Barbara's recordings, Tony's "The Issues Live", Madeira with Abu Bakr at his back during the coup. You'd find out how valuable this is to the newcomers in the media."

Take note Joanne.