Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Indarjit Seuraj of the Newsday is playing guessing games with his readers today.
In his story titled 'Court to hear evidence from the dead', he names the victim, the murder accused, the defence attorney, the victim's attorney, the magistrate and two of the witnesses.
But for some reason he wants us to guess at the identity of the prosecutor.
He tells us "...the State prosecutor argued that the right of the privilege vested in the hands of Bernadette’s beneficiaries under the intestacy." and "“He should be barred from taking the benefit of the privilege,” the prosecutor said.".

But here's the best hint at who the prosecutor is: "This submission caused a stir, as Hudson-Phillips expressed his “disappointment” at the Independent Senator’s remarks and disregard for the presumption of innocence."
Can you guess who this is?
Indarjit, if we wanted to play games we would pick up a crossword puzzle.