Friday, August 29, 2008


9:03pm isn't considered late (especially if you live in the liming capital of the world, Trinidad), but for a newscast which is supposed to begin at 9pm, then that's late.
On Wednesday evening, Wendell Constantine of CNMG was carrying on a discussion on Prime Time T&T on the new national award, but for some reason he did not see it fit to end his discussion so the newscast could begin on time.
Perhaps that was a recorded interview and the master control operator did not press play at the right time?

Anyway, it seems the director tried to take back his three minutes after the newscast began, because he cut into Desha Rambhajan introducing Mark Bassant's story on the flooding.
Strange though that your producer used that story of Hillary Clinton speaking at the Democratic Convention on Tuesday night (and which had been running all day Wednesday) and completely ignored Bill Clinton, who spoke at the Convention shortly before your newscast began.

CNC 3 used some very scrappy video of the flooding in their 9:30pm newscast...the video placement did not match the three related scripts.
Odeka O'Neal read a story on Rennie Dumas commenting on the minimal effect of the rains in Tobago in his capacity as the Tobago West MP, but on the screen we saw his designation as the Labour Minister. Nowhere in that story was he referred to as the Labour Minister.
At least CNC had the sense to use a soundbite from Bill Clinton speaking at the convention on Wednesday night.

Then on Thursday night...the night when Barack Obama would give his acceptance speech...he went onto the stage at 10:11pm, with three minutes of ovations and chanting from the crowd before he said he accepted the party's nomination. This was carried live on BBC, CNN and countless other tv stations around the world.
All this while TV6's 10pm newscast was underway. They finally decided to cut in and take a link from CNN at 10:20pm, and they stayed with him for all of four minutes, before Samantha John came back up, did a brief back-announcement and went on to a story about police in Guyana killing four gunmen, then onto heavy rains in Jamaica as hurricane Gustav was passing over the island.

For the last few days, Andy Johnson has been reporting live via telephone from the convention, on both the main evening news and his own Morning Edition. The main reason he went to the convention was to see history in the making and perhaps draw comparisons/lessons from the event. But at the crucial moment when Mr Obama began his acceptance speech, unfortunately TV6 made Andy's efforts look like a pappyshow.
At least we were able to switch to the international stations and catch the speech live on I95.5.
Then to top it off, Gustav seemed super important at 10:25pm Thursday, but in TV6's first newscast at 6:20am Friday, they began with the same story that was their lead story at 7pm Thursday and there was only a passing reference to the storm way down in the newscast. The BBC had a one on one interview with Jamaican Prime Minister Bruce Golding in a packaged story.
And where was Obama? Again 'mentioned' in the international news roundup segment. Sigh!

And as if they were trying to make up for the passing reference to Gustav in the morning newscasts, at midday TV6 led their newscast with a telephone interview with CCN Correspondent Jason Julien in Kingston (no video out of Jamaica, even though the BBC had been running their story all morning).
Mr Julien answered all the questions posed to him by presenter Gerard Lampow, then just as Gerard was saying his goodbyes, Jason had one request.
"Ah just want to let muh wife know that I am ok, safe and sound, and ah tryin' to get these patties for yuh gyul!"
Bemused look on Gerard's face.
Well there's a first time for everything. So hopefully someone will coach Jason on what not to say if he is interviewed for the news at 7pm.