Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Well, well, well.
Roger Sant sent his first report from Beijing, China for the 7 o'clock news on Monday night as part of CNC 3's coverage of the Olympic Games, and to set the stage for the opening ceremony on Friday.
Even though TV6 has been touting itself as the official Olympics station, the most we have seen from them so far are those recorded bits on the athletes.
We have even been seeing a feature from Beijing, recorded in May, by a local production company on CNMG on Monday nights.

So when is Joel Villafana of TV6 going to hop a plane to China?
And CNMG/C News, who are you sending to the Olympics and when are they due to arrive in Beijing?

Roger's report centred on the air quality in Beijing (he spoke with a Dutch tourist) and the fact that the stadia are all prepared for the arrival of the athletes.
His video was clean and steady, and the audio quality was excellent.

TV6 on the other hand gave us what they called a 'Sports Spotlight' on Olympic track medal hopeful Richard Thompson. James Saunders interviewed him at the Hasely Crawford stadium.
Well James, a few things. The audio on the soundbites was awful.
Mr Thompson sounded like he did not have a microphone in front of him, as we heard the background noises very clearly.
Most of the shots were handheld, even though the cameraman was not shooting in a crowd, nor was Mr Thompson running around very often.
Why did your cameraman decide to go handheld? This diminished the quality of your shots (along with the poor audio) and thus rendered your report less than up to par.
And this was the first in a three-part series on Mr Thompson.
Let's see how best you can salvage that report.

Well Mrs Sant take a bow. Once again you have scooped TV6, just as you did for the 2006 World Cup. Even though TV6 showed the matches then, Roger gave us all the atmosphere stories with the Soca Warriors while he was in Germany.
Let's see if they can play catch-up.

BTW, we hope Astil will get just as much exposure when Roger returns.