Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Roger Sant (and Joel Villafana and Astil Renn), NBC has a great Olympics magazine show called Olympic Zone, where they cover everything from the athletes visiting the Great Wall of China to the food of Beijing.
It's the same show with the reporter interviewing the guy with the tattoos.

Tonight reporter Eyee Hsu went to the same street with the open air food stalls that Roger went to for his report which was shown on Monday evening.
While Roger's report was very subdued and he seemed rather bored even while looking at the fried sea horses and scorpions on skewers, the NBC reporter was very upbeat and exuberant while she interviewed one man who offered to eat the fried scorpion then told her it tasted like shrimp.

Take a look at the show. It's on NBC (Channel 60) from 7-8pm.