Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Another complaint about the Olympics coverage.

"I totally agree with "NN"

"Why is (CMC's) Head of News Kaymar Jordan voicing Olympic pieces...anything to get some publicity eh? Well Kaymar, what was so different about this occasion that you had to stick your voice in there and not let one of your Sports goons voice the promos.

"This is the first time I am spitting on the Olympics. I can't stand to hear the Caribbean commentators, their vocabulary is limited, they can't even find another word for "nice" as I heard two clowns struggling over the weekend during the swimming event, and screaming out to "Phelps" that he is a "Superman". Stupes!!!

"CMC please go back to business as usual and leave us to get the goodies from NBC where (we) won't be cheated of great commentary.

"And TV6, I am sorry it was not CNMG or CNC3 or even Gayelle that got the rights to broadcast the Olympics: first of all you all only have a National License for show, your TV signal is very weak and secondly you are short changing us...please go straight to the Olympics after the news. Like "NN" said, this is the Olympics! We ain't want to see no dam comedy. You're enough comedy as it is."