Tuesday, August 12, 2008


It was only a matter of time before the complaints started rolling in on the Olympics coverage.

"For all the millions CMC is putting into their coverage, the least they could do is get more exciting commentators for the swimming in particular. They're already taking the feed from NBC and you have a fair idea of what they're going to focus on. Well get some real experts in to enlighten the audience nah! Not every former athlete or coach makes a good television presenter.

"Not only is the race commentary pathetic, but the in-studio 'experts' are similarly boring. If I had a choice to watch George swim on NBC over CMC this morning, I would have chosen NBC, even though they are horrendously biased towards the American athletes.

"And TV6, please do not patronise your audience by giving us a half-hour comedy before your prime time Olympic broadcast. We know we're missing something and we don't want to leave the decision to watch NBC's 'analysis' up to you. If you're bringing the damn Olympics, give us everything, and don't shortchange us, please! Once every four years, those of us not privileged to attend the Olympics want to watch every second if it that we can. Let us decide what de hell to watch! Steups...

"And Flow, why hasn't someone pulled the plug on them yet? They already tiefin' de people channels, and blocking NBC, while TV6 is showing a sitcom. What dotishness is dat? It have more bandits in shirts and suits dan wit wife-beater and three-quarter jeans in dis country, oui!"


We concur. That blond beach boy giving 'analysis' alongside Julius Gittens for the swimming events is truly boring.
And the least CMC could do is put some video over that looong monologue by the woman in the blue dress who told us about Pierre du Coubertain's Bajan experience.
Hoping for some improvement, but not counting on it.