Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Here's an addition to the discussion on salaries.

"I agree with "NN" that Editors need to fine tune their approach in newsrooms around the country. They are contributing to the lesser quality that the media is quickly becoming. But this happens when half baked reporters become Editors and Assignments Editors. There are one or two Assignment Editors in newsrooms at present, who have been reporters for less than two years, but yet still they made it to the ranks of Assignments Editor, or Producer or just Editor, what a "cock and bull" reality this profession must contend with; as it appears, it so chooses to...tsk, tsk.

"And will the good or inconsiderate folks over the most notorious Daily Express Newspaper do something about that embarrassing salary scale it has set for its Senior reporters? Omatie how could you rock back and feel comfortable knowing your Senior reporting staff only takes home a pay cheque in the region of TT$5,500 or $TT6000 monthly? Shame!!! what ah burning shame! Especially in these hard times.

"Salaries in the media need a complete revamping. This should be the new battle for the Media Association. Please Joanne Briggs, find a way to roll up your sleeves and take on this one. Media Houses need to also stop making Junior reporters Senior reporters just because their newsrooms do not have Seniors, that still does not make the green horns Seniors, all they're wearing is a title without the experience.
That too is wrong with the media.

"Kudos to CNMG for lifting the bar on salaries in the media, but please CNMG, stop paying rookies TT$10,000 a month, in the scale of things, it just cannot be the right thing to do. I understand rookies and Seniors in your newsroom are taking home the same $10,000 monthly or same $9,000 monthly, what kind of rubbish is that CNMG...all yuh GET REAL nah!

"Excuse the harsh use of words this time, finding out all this is just vexing, totally vexing."