Tuesday, August 5, 2008


C News has debuted a new morning news presenter for First Up.
We did not catch her name on Monday, but we certainly could not miss the white stripe of eye shadow above her eyes every time she bent her head to look at her scripts.

Please First Up producer. If you never listen to any other piece of advice from Media Watch, please address this one thing for us: the camera for the morning news presenters on First Up is too high.
We have seen it with Miss Khan-Daniel (where is she these days?), we have seen it with Esther and we see it with your new protege.
They have to look too low down and then too high up. They end up looking uncomfortable and this is very distracting for the viewer.
We see the tops of their heads more than anything else.
Have you not given any thought to getting a teleprompter for the camera which the presenters use?

Perhaps your presenters are shy or intimidated, so we hope you will hear their plea for help through us.

And speaking of presenters, Diane Baldeo at TV6, you are reading too slow. We caught your newscast on Sunday night and it seemed laboured. You are not presenting a drama production, it's a newscast.
You need to keep the interest of your audience.
Now that Samantha John is reading much faster during the week, you seem now to be dragging the weekend newscast.