Monday, June 2, 2008


Here's a comment from PW on the match.

"I always knew the England team was just coming to win the game fairly against T&T this time around, instead of "Crouching" out a controversial win as they did in Germany back in 2006.

"The T&T players are a bunch of glad boys that are just happy to be playing amongst true celebrities. They do not understand the meaning of Celebrity nor Celebrity Status, they are a bunch of dazzle eyes third world thinking people that focuses more on popularity as we are best known for in these parts, instead of focusing on what it takes to win a game of this nature/caliber.

"Coach Leo Beenhakker was the best thing that happened to them. He taught them how to play a defensive game after realising that they could not dribble a ball to save their life.

"So why did they relinquish this strategy for the glad boy approach of "I can dribble a ball too"; when they know they can't keep the ball when they get it? Stupes.

"Those authentic International players have lived, ate and slept how to dribble a ball and keep it, from since their child hood days - and have done so all the days of their lives. While our half green players have been more focused on other numerous distracting factors that may now have to be abandoned by an upcoming generation of players if we want to get this thing right a few years from now, and play real soccer with real soccer players.

"Enough of the chalk and cheese image already T&T."