Monday, June 2, 2008


And the Newsday's Zaid Mohammed's story titled 'English Lions maul Warriors' left much to be desired.
Here's his take on the match. "After the match all players and officials were presented with commemorative medals for participating in the auspicious match, the highlight of the activities marking the centennial of the TTFF."

Well Zaid, it was probably auspicious for the TTFF just to say they hosted the English, but for the Warriors it was another auspicious occasion to check themselves and hope beyond hope that they can come up with a successful combination of players going into the World Cup qualifiers.
We don't think the English thought the match was auspicious. More like, 'Well we not playing in Euro 2008, might as well go to Trinidad for a few days and try to get a tan. Oh, and beat the 'Warriors' again. Crouch, yuh ready?'