Monday, June 2, 2008


Joel Bailey of the Newsday had an interesting piece in the Sunday edition ahead of the match, with very conflicting ideas from the key people on how the match would pan out.

In his story titled 'Yorke back in Warrior colours', Bailey wrote that Yorke "...was always eager to play in today’s game but his name was not included in the 18-member team issued by coach Francisco Maturana on Thursday."

Then "The Colombian-born tactician...did not see the logic in having Yorke play in today’s match."

And later, Yorke is quoted as saying "“It’s just because it’s the Centenary Year for us and FIFA vice-president Jack Austin Warner asked me to play in it. So, that was it.”"

"Maturana, in a brief media conference yesterday (Saturday), announced that Yorke will not be among the starting eleven for the 5.30 pm kick-off."

"Maturana dispelled the notion that the national team will be focussing intensively on revenge. “I do not believe in revenge or grudge matches,” said Maturana. “I believe each game is taken in its own context.”"
Yet the match was advertised as a 'Score to Settle' by, guess who? The man who invited Yorke to play behind the coach's back.
If Yorke was already in the country on Saturday evening, how could the coach not know he would be playing in the match 24 hours later?